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To create an environment in which people live in dignity and have access to facilities in terms of education, health, employment and recreation thereby enabling them to realise their full potential with regards to their abilities and talents both within the organization, and society as a whole.
Barberry Group has a designated CSR department that is not simply there to satisfy the requirements of the BBBEE Act, but is an integral part of the business philosophy, and hence the Strategic Business Plan of the Group. Enterprise Development and Socio-Economic Development are areas where the Barberry Group is active, in Gauteng, Mpumalanga, North West Province and the Limpopo Province.

Barberry Group focuses on:
  • critical challenges so as not to dilute our efforts, which are largely directed at previously disadvantaged communities
  • age 6 to adulthood educational approaches, to build human potential that capacitates and enables individuals through pivotal life transitions
  • identifying and developing entrepreneurial talent by assisting both financially and intellectually to initiate, incubate and capacitate entrepreneurial potential to create the entrepreneurial middle class that a winning nation requires
  • collaboration and partnerships with municipalities, whether in terms of LED plans or outside of these, to implement interventions and programmes to stimulate sustainable local economic growth
  • actively seeking strategic partnerships in this regard
  • creating a space within which spiritual growth can occur and to assist such organisations in their efforts towards a harmonious common goal
  • to take a holistic proactive approach to create a winning nation

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Schools Life-Skills Project (Limpopo Province)
Barberry Group selected Awake Africa Development and Training to capacitate and assist in terms of Enterprise Development and Socio-Economic Development in facilitating a life-skills programme (self-mastery, self-development and interpersonal skills) for grades 11 and 12, within the Mutale and Musina local municipalities in the Limpopo Province. This was identified as a key area that required intervention and capacitation where learners were at a pivotal point requiring life-influencing decisions.

Musina Housing Project
Under the guidance of the Musina Municipality, a deserving recipient of a brand new house built by Barberry Group, is identified. This began as a Mandela Day initiative but is now a bi-annual event addressing the housing needs of the disadvantaged in Musina.

Gordon Road Primary (Alexandra Township)-Library
Barberry Group has sponsored the establishment of a fully functional library at the school that represents a drive to firmly entrench a culture of reading and learning within the school. Books were purchased, equipment procured and a librarian employed to facilitate the process. This is a long term strategic project.

MathsBuddy Program
While almost a year in the planning, the initial stages of the project have begun. This is an initiative to allow the learners from disadvantaged communities to have access to the licensed MathsBuddy programme that will allow them currency in terms of maths literacy and computer literacy. This requires a financing of licensing costs, a designated employee to run the lab, an appropriate internet connection, if required, and all paraphernalia that accompanies such a project. This project is run in collaboration with schools that are selected within disadvantaged communities. This is a long term strategic project and it is hoped that it will be the first of many, as the example of a working model attracts co-sponsors.

Barberry Educational Assistance Program
Barberry Group has initiated an Educational Assistance Program to facilitate a culture of learning and upliftment within society by providing assistance with regards to school going children (financial assistance toward educational costs). All applications are reviewed and awarded by the Program Committee after careful consideration.

Cerebral Palsy Association
Barberry Group has also been involved with the UCPA via the Harry Kessler Centre in terms of support both financially, and in kind.

Other projects
Barberry has contributed to numerous SED and ED initiatives either as a once off, or in collaboration with other organisations. These have covered a variety of areas. In collaboration with Transnet Freight Rail Eastern Region, Barberry has involved itself with a community- based orphanage (Save our Souls) at Phola (Mpumalanga), and a hospice in Mogwase (North West Province). Barberry Group has also worked with number of spiritual organisations in South Africa and abroad, in addition to sponsoring various feeding schemes and literary efforts.